‘Local climate’ souvenirs

By interpreting the locality in a modern way, Poziom 1959 restaurant offers its guests original souvenirs and a unique experience – the opportunity to take part of Kasprowy Wierch climate to your home.

All souvenirs are available only in the Poziom 1959 restaurant

Thermal mug Outfiter fit 400 ml, Your travel companion

The OUTER type thermal mug is characterised by very good parameters. Used and recommended by travellers of high mountain expeditions. Characterized by:

  • sealed system with valve lock that prevents accidental opening
  • thermos with a 400 ml capacity
  • made of high quality 18/8 stainless steel
  • thermal parameters: warm 16h, cold 20h
  • adapted to car holders

Cyrpok with wooden pad

The ceramic mug refers to a wooden dish called a Cyrpok, which is used in the shepherd’s hut in the production of goat cheese in the Tatra Mountains. The inspiration for the creation of the mug was the local Zakopane style, created by Stanisław Witkiewicz 1851-1915, which included architecture, construction, as well as decorative and utilitarian items.

The mug drew inspiration from Podhale crafts, a type of equipment and decorative motifs found in Podhale. A practical wooden pad with a cableway engraving will add character to the decor.

Wooden flask

Profiled, engraved flask, ideally suited as a gift. Made of stainless steel and originally engraved, it deserves the attention of gentlemen who rely on quality.


The authorial poster was created at the special request of Poziom1959 Restaurant, located on Kasprowy Wierch. Each copy is given a reference number as a certificate of authenticity. The poster is available for purchase only at Poziom1959 Restaurant.


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