The unique Poziom 1959 is the highest restaurant in Poland. It is located in the building of Upper Cableway Station on Kasprowy Wierch at an altitude of 1,959 meters above sea level.

The interior of the restaurant has been designed with passion for the climate and history of cableways in Poland. The design of rooms includes motifs of cableway rollers and a fireplace in the shape of a cable car. The interior is dominated by white and grey colours and elements of Corten steel. There are also characteristic lamps and benches, which are associated with the waiting room of the station, which gives this modern restaurant a cosy feeling. From the windows of the restaurant we can admire a breath-taking view of the Western Tatras and feel the closeness of the blue sky and nature.


Tourists and skiers are awaited by an excellent menu with a view of the Western Tatras and the Gąsienicowa Valley. To our Guests, we recommend top quality tasty breakfasts famous country-wide, as well as various dishes served in buffet style.

The lower level of the restaurant offers our flagship dishes such as Kasprowy Burger with chips, Shepherd’s Cheese with cranberry, coffee and delicious homemade cakes.

For business meetings we especially recommend our original event menu – astonishing with form and taste.


Kasprowy and what more?

Most tourists decide to go to the top of Kasprowy Wierch to admire magnificent panoramas extending from the top. The breath-taking views and the power of nature are definitely the key point of a trip to the peak of Kasprowy.

The Alpine Mountain Meteorological Observatory IMGW-PIB built in 1936/1937 has been operating on Kasprowy Wierch since 1938. It is a historic building, which analyses various meteorological parameters and informs about conditions prevailing in the mountains.

From Kasprowy to Ciemniak 2096 m.a.s.l (to the west) leads one of the most picturesque routes in the Tatras, through Czerwone Wierchy – the route will take us about 3 hours.

To the opposite direction (east) there is a red trail leading through Orla Perć – the most difficult route in the Polish Tatras. The whole track will take about 9 hours of a very difficult mountain trek.

Cableway and good winter – skiers do not need anything else to enjoy skiing on Kasprowy.

There are two main routes currently being prepared – in the Gąsienicowa and Goryczkowa Valleys. Both, Goryczkowa and Gąsienicowa are the routes of black difficulty level.

Beautiful mountain surroundings and good winter conditions guarantee the ride on ‘Kasprowy’ to be a great winter adventure.

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